The Garrard Masterclass

More than 250 years in the making

Generations of craftsmen and women have passed through Garrard’s doors, developing and refining techniques, bringing designs to life, passing their knowledge on to apprentices. Today, the House has a rich tradition it can draw on, blending heritage with contemporary cues to create spectacular pieces.

Grading & Sourcing

While no two diamonds are the same, there is a universal measure by which their beauty can be judged. This is known as the four Cs: cut, colour, clarity and carat. The shape and precision of a diamond’s polished cut determines its brilliance. Colour is graded from D, colourless, through to Z, tinted. Clarity ranges from diamonds that appear visually perfect to the naked eye to those that are truly flawless, which is rare. Finally, carat is a measure of weight, rather than size.

The origin of a diamond is as important as its beauty. Garrard diamonds are sourced ethically following the Kimberley Process, an international certification scheme which prevents conflict diamonds from entering the market. All gemstones are naturally occurring and have been examined and graded by Garrard’s in-house experts and gemmologists.

Cutting & Setting


It is in the cutting that a diamond comes to life. Working with the diamond’s original shape, each cut creates a facet, or flat surface, which can catch the light. Garrard uses a suite of cuts in its designs. From classics like the cushion and round cuts, to the pear, hanging like a drop of water, and rose, waiting like a bud to unfurl.


The stones are then patiently set by hand, following both traditional and modern techniques to add drama, delicacy and impact.

The Garrard Eternal Cut

The Eternal Cut has 81 facets, all focused around the base of the diamond. These intensify the way light flows through the stone, catching and flickering across its many surfaces to magnify its brilliance.

Each stone is lasered with its GIA report number.

Positive luxury and sustainability

The House of Garrard is a proud recipient of the Butterfly Mark, awarded by Positive Luxury in recognition of its uncompromising dedication to meticulous craftsmanship and a commitment to ensuring each piece of fine jewellery is set with conflict-free gemstones.

Garrard believes passionately in producing the finest possible jewellery with sustainability at the heart of every step.


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To view a piece, collection or to discuss a new commission you can visit Garrard in London or Shanghai.

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