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Our Heritage

As the longest serving jewellery house in the world, we are immensely proud of our legacy of creating historic jewels for royalty. Each Garrard piece is made by master artisans who learned their craft from previous generations and who in turn will pass these unique skills on to the next generation of craftspeople. This has been at the heart of our business ever since it was founded in 1735 and continues to be so. But as proud as we are of our heritage, we are equally committed to building a sustainable future for our business and the wider jewellery industry.

As a Royal Warrant holder to The Prince of Wales, the environment and lessening the impact our business has upon it is fundamental to everything we do. Through our business model and practices, we act in an environmentally and socially responsible manner that is befitting of this title.

Our actions are guided by the key pillars of Planet, People and Product, which highlight the different ways in which we have a positive impact on our employees, the community in which we operate and the world as a whole. To deliver on these, everybody at Garrard, from our CEO to our retail staff and suppliers, are committed to achieving the same mission: to honour and further our heritage as one of the most responsible jewellers in the world.

Since 2017, Garrard has held the coveted Butterfly Mark, a certification awarded by Positive Luxury to businesses with a positive social and environmental impact. Positive Luxury works collaboratively with ambitious teams such as ours to activate their sustainability agendas and create substantial and meaningful change. The Butterfly Mark that is displayed beside every product on our website tells our customers and peers that we are a brand to trust.

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Our Commitment to the Planet

A jeweller is only as sustainable as its materials, which is why responsible sourcing is absolutely central to our business.

Our experienced gemmologists source silver, gold and gems ethically, while our diamonds are all supplied by approved members of the Kimberley Process Scheme. The scheme, which regulates the international trade in rough diamonds, ensures that every diamond we sell is conflict-free. In addition, we are working towards becoming members of the Responsible Jewellery Council and are due to be audited by them in 2021.

We are committed to circularity, with all surplus gold recovered and recycled so that it may be reused, and we also hold a Fairtrade gold license. The world’s first independent ethical certification system for gold, it means that we are licensed to purchase Fairtrade gold for use in our creations. 

We are also committed to science-based targets to reduce our indirect global GHG emissions by March 2023. Our workshops, head office and stores are all currently powered by 100% renewable energy and we use LED lighting throughout the boutique, workshop and head office at 24 Albemarle Street.

Having achieved our 92% recycling target, we aim to increase this to 100% by March 2023. Our client packaging is FSC certified and 100% recyclable.

Together, these commitments and achievements mean that every piece of jewellery we create is a synthesis of heritage craftsmanship and contemporary sustainability practice. We want our clients to be able to invest in a piece from us safe in the knowledge that we have paid the same attention to the materials it is crafted from as we do to how it is made.

Our Commitment to People

At Garrard we believe in creating a healthy, equal, diverse and happy workforce. Our people are the most important part of our business and we treat them in a way that reflects that. We ensure equality in the workplace and have a strong female leadership, with 75% women directors. 


We are especially proud of our apprenticeship scheme. Hands-on and immersive, the five-year scheme enables the apprentice to specialise in one aspect of jewellery craftsmanship, for example diamond mounting. Progressing from simple tasks to a final project – the creation of a Garrard masterpiece – under the tutelage of Garrard’s Master Craftsmen and others in the workshop, the scheme enables us to keep time-honoured jewellery-making skills alive while supporting young people entering the industry, thus nurturing the next generation of master craftspeople. We are in the process of expanding this scheme across more disciplines in the business.


We encourage employees to cycle or use public transport to travel to work by offering cycle-to-work and season ticket loan schemes. Health and well-being services are also available free of charge to all our staff, including a 24/7 confidential helpline, an online learning and development portal, and access to fitness classes.

Our Commitment to Doing Good

Philanthropy is woven into the fabric of Garrard. In 1918, the House launched the famously nicknamed “pearls before poppies” campaign, which was one of the most successful fundraising initiatives of World War I. Organised by Lady Northcliffe, an appeal was launched requesting donations of pearls, which were strung into necklaces by our craftspeople before being auctioned. All proceeds of the sale were donated to the British Red Cross to help troops wounded in the war.

We continue to find new ways of supporting and investing in the community. Recognising the sacrifices and efforts made by Britain’s key workers during the Coronavirus pandemic, in April 2020 we launched the “Garrard Angels” initiative. Nominated by the public, each “Garrard Angel’’ received a beautifully crafted sterling silver Garrard Wing – an icon of the house symbolic of peace, purity and protection – as a token of thanks and appreciation.

Our Commitment to Good Practice

We are committed to influencing all of our suppliers to actively do better. Each is required to sign a very robust supplier charter, which we are currently working on extending to include all partners with whom we do business. By signing this code of conduct, they are confirming that their practices and priorities align with our own.

At Garrard we are also committed to transparency throughout our business. As a responsible jeweller, we plan to share Garrard’s ongoing journey to sustainability with you, highlighting new initiatives as they are launched and highlighting significant improvements to our existing sustainable business practices.

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